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Dark Ages II: War & Mythos is a Dwarf Fortress fantasy horror add-on 2-years in the making. Still under active development by GM-X founder of Advent RPG.

Built for DF 0.40.+ from the ground up. It contains 100% “vanilla” content. So all the work of Bay 12 Games is included mostly as is. Careful adjustments to discipline, longevity, and expansionism have been added but nothing has been subtracted.

Wildlife ecology is also boosted in DA:II. Great animals are common and can pose a serious threat. All biome are diversely populated and most harbor diverse monsters in addition to scores of mega-beasts.

It expands war themed content, cities, roads, tunnels, historical events, pets, plants, and it adds vastly more powerful civilizations to DF. It harmonizes and balances dozens of magical systems, tower diversification, curses, hexes. It adds a number of custom buildings, adventure crafting, and many diversely terrifying monsters.


Adventure Mode Races & Classes

New Domestic Pets

Fort Mode Additions

Magical Effects, Systems, Secrets, and Curses



Monster Collection

Credits & Thanks

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War & Mythos | Races


War & Mythos | Races


War & Mythos | Races

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