Welcome to the Land of Arxox... LoA began as an unreleased game called Dwarfscape in March 2014. Work has continued on it ever since.

At the heart of LoA is a fantasy role playing survival game system. Hunting, Fishing, Cooking, and Shelter are each key for survival. LoA is an adventure Sim set in the rugged wilderness of an ancient landscape. It features a lush and exotic world to explore.

You begin the Adventure as a peasant hero: Dwarf, Elf, or Human and unlock new heroes along the way. Free captive townsfolk and rescue their beloved pets from the forces of darkness. Help restore civilization to a shadow of its former glory.

Players face an ever increasing hoard of unpredictable and nemesis monsters. Experiment with a powerful but hazardous Magical Rune System. Rise to defeat a frightful Arch-Villain who threatens the Universe. Or ignore Destiny and Wander the 8-Biomes of Arxox as a nomadic hermit.

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