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Buy Mars 2030 for Windows PC. Only on Steam.

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Home | Mars 2030 | War & Mythos | Dwarfscape | About Us

Advent: Role Playing Games

Independent RPG developer founded June 2015 by GM-X. Dedicated to producing epic adventure worlds, retro games, and simulations.

Mars 2030 is our first game release available on Steam. Still under active development.

Dark Ages II: War & Myth is our Dwarf Fortress Horror Expansion mod 2-years in the making. Donate to Bay 12 Games to support the ongoing game development of the genius known as Toady One.

War & Mythos is also a Skyrim mod! [R2] simply adds 8-uncommon spells. Horror content and lore is planned down the road.


Buying a copy of Mars 2030 on Steam is the cool way to support us. We plan to update it indefinitely with new features and unique mini-games, but owning it now is awesome too.


We are super busy in 2017. Please report any bugs or suggestions you may have on Steam discussions.

Note: Mars 2030 is only for sale on Steam for Windows PC. We do not sell or provide free Mars 2030 copies via email.  

Thank you so much.