A foul and domineering snout-faced creature. Hatred of the fairer humanoid races is the hallmark of the Orc.

Dark Ages Orcs appeared recently. Most scholars believe they were vomited forth from the deep caverns in the form of giant maggots. Then, after wallowing in vampire bat guano mounds for months, transformed into their humanoid shapes. Although this is unconfirmed, few doubt it.

Other researchers believe Orcs simply appeared overnight. When the Dwarves dug too deeply. Bred only for war. The lowest ranking unit of the underworld.

A wicked race of hyena-like people obsessed with territorial wars. Known for cruelty and endless bickering over everything and anything.


Like Orcs, Gnolls have only recently appeared on the stage of world history. They are the direct descendants of an infamous gang of hoodlums and thieves known as “Dog Blade.” Cursed by Rammok to stalk the world in an insatiable half-animal form.

The curse transformed all 564 members of Dog Blade and their 786 offspring into Gnolls.   

A powerful and primal race of Dwarves formed in the womb of the mountains.

Legendary Dwarves are physically denser and more talented than the other races. More austere than their cousins, they stop at nothing in their efforts to build bigger and better and mine deeper and more greedily.


It’s widely believed the reappearance of the original race of Dwarves spells the end of time. The oldest darkest legends speak of gibbering things constructing towering monstrosities of finely cut stone that ascend to the stars. This is widely thought to be accomplished on the backs of the nearly immortal Legendary Dwarves.

As unwilling slaves contorted by the overwhelmingly sinister willpower of the Old Ones. The Legendary Dwarves are foretold to go mad dissembling every mountain. Erecting abominable monoliths to pave the way for their unwholesome commute from the dark outer reaches.

Many Legendary Dwarves secretly fear the ancient prediction. All the more since the emergence of Aboleth.

Dire quasi-female humanoid beings from the order of transformation, nightmare, and woe.

There was once a time when hags and witches only assembled in groups of three or five. Unfortunately, that time is over. These vaguely feminine abominations have united in a way that no scholar had the stomach to imagine.

Often operating under the leadership of powerful beings such as Vampire Lords and Old Ones.

Rising from their ranks in recent days are the Hag Shamans. While hags have always dabbled in the arcane, these have been gifted by Rammok with dangerous magical hexing spells. Hag Shamans are more insatiable and physically superior to their sister hags. This has led to them being correctly labeled as “monsters.”

Ousted from humanity, a powerful race of seekers and magic users has emerged.

The society of wizards no longer fettered by commoners have now built a new civilization. While their numbers are quite limited, the culture is quite robust and renowned for fair and excellent traders and quality of goods.  

All Wizards are able to cast basic spells from birth. Those with greater ambition seek more powerful magic through the collection and reading of ancient slabs.

Stepping claw out of swamp, and somewhat moving away from perpetual civil unrest, the lizard people have managed to build a thriving city based society.

Centered on family and the hunt, Lizard people certainly possess a spark of goodness inside their hearts. Unfortunately for others, they are filled with pride and easily offended. They have also become overtly militaristic now, and represent a serious threat to order. For the first time in recorded history, Lizard Warlords have expanded their walled cities into the plains and forests.

Many scholars believe their population will one day dwarf all other races combined. Frightfully, there is an ancient wall depicting such an event called the “Deluge of the Lizard People.”  

The Lizard people are physically stronger than most imagine. Each of them is also able to produce a saliva that can lull their prey to sleep. Which they can spit considerable distances.

Recently, they are confirmed to be dabbling in arcane arts, hexes, and curses.

An unearthly race made of pure shadow mingled with hatred. Their bodily connection with negative energy gives them the power to paralyze most foes with a single touch.

The Shadows emerged amidst a great incursion of the circus widely believed to be the fault of the Dwarves. Finding the over world ripe for conquest, they simply never left. They have since expanded and multiplied striking terror everywhere they go.

Physically, they are lightning fast. Socially, they barely respect each other and rarely speak. All “lesser” life forms are viewed as insects, pawns, or play things. Never, under any circumstances enter a Shadow settlement. They do not tolerate the presence of outsiders.

It’s unwise to approach even a lone Shadow without a military and or ready access to magical fire.


Monstrous, tentacle bound, slime lathered world enders from the primal dark seas.

A plague unleashed anew by elder gods to usher in the ending of beauty and order. The Aboleth make the Shadows seem friendly by comparison. Anyone who is injured by an Aboleth but not killed, will eventually become one. A condition which can never be recovered from.


Aboleth believe that humanoid bodies are shells for unborn Aboleth legions. All destined to blissfully writhe together in the great ooze pits (once called oceans) at the end of the worlds.


Only master swordsmen or great axemen stand a fighting chance against these vile, dark arts wielding abominations of nature.

Do not embark anywhere near Aboleth civilizations unless you are prepared for war. Beware of their more solitary cousins too, which lurk in deep chasms and the bottoms of lakes.


All of the physical and mental nimbleness of the Elves, with none of the respect for nature or self-control.

Steeped in the overwhelming chaos of the dark ages, recent divisions have arisen among the Elves. While many knew about the legends of Dark Elves, very few grasped the deep social and emotional and significance of the tales.

Obscurity about their dark side removed, the Elves have begun to convert in large numbers to an ominous path. A transformation facilitated in the heart of certain evil biomes in conjunction with evil rainfall. This has gifted them with powerful bodies and dangerous rogue-like abilities.  

Fortunately like so many other creatures of the night, Dark Elves are weak to silver.

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