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Explore the untamed world Arxox! Live out the life of a Dwarf, Elf, or Human peasant Hero. Brave the elements. Build a home. Face hords of Monsters. Free Captives. Cook. Fish. Master the Spell Runes of the Ancients and defeat a powerful Arch Villain.

Dare to enter the pixelated waters of the Forbidden Sea. Plunge the depths to recover 12 lost artifacts. Battle horrific sea monsters and voyage past the point of no return into the Undersea. Available now!

Monsters flood the night. Nature is in revolt. The Orc and the Gnoll pillage the country sides. War and savagery abound. Terror and magic lurk beyond every shadow. The Hero and the Fortress have never been more important for survival.

War & Mythos | Survival Horror Mods

Add-on: Titanium Hammer, Great Hunting Knife, Aluminum Baseball Bat, Great Ice Pick, Fine Mallet, Iron Spear, Butcher Knife, Great Smoke Bomb, Blazing Molotov Cocktail, and LED Zippo.

Adventurer Mod: is for the 1988 DOS version of the classic Dungeon Master game by FTL. Gear added to starting levels give you a better chance to train and equip diverse character classes. Screamer generator and other minor changes have been added to boost the early dungeon experience. No changes are made to deeper levels.

Replace the “Dungeon.dat” file with this download and start a new game. Save the vanilla .dat file elsewhere.

Master of Orion II [mod]: Super Galaxy #01

Play as the omniscient Psilon-X in a galaxy rich with lush worlds, monsters, and heroes! 1) Buy the game on GoG.com 2) Paste the modded SAVE10.GAM file to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Master of Orion 2\cloud_saves

3) Start the game and click “Continue.”

Enter a fearful procedurally generated Moonbase. Rescue Jonesy the cat and avoid the woes of alien impregnation.

After retrieving an unknown object from the Asteroid belt in the amazing year 2184, all contact is lost with Moonbase One. You have been sent to investigate the complex and recover the ten crew logs.